Using the Java API documentation to solve a problem




This is an assignment focused on using Java API documentation to find methods that aid in solving a problem. In it, students must write a program that parses text and "cleans it up" (in particular: a name, address, and phone number, entered in a sloppy way by a user).

This is best suited to students who have only a basic knowledge of Strings and their methods, as it then forces them to dig around in the API documentation for Strings in order to find methods that accomplish their goals.


Norm Krumpe


API documentation

Assignment Duration

One Week

Communication Skill

reading, writing

Technical Skill

Programming language basics

Workplace Scenario

The software you will write almost always depends on making use of packages, classes, and methods that were developed by other programmers. In order to use software written by others, it is necessary to be able to navigate and understand the documentation for that software.

In this assignment, you will need to solve a programming problem that requires you to use methods you have not seen or used before. You will produce a program that performs some fairly sophisticated parsing of Strings...parsing that is difficult to perform without first navigating the available methods in the String class.

When you are finished, you will report to your instructor on the methods that you used to solve the problem.

Team Size




Norm Krumpe, “Using the Java API documentation to solve a problem,” Incorporating Communication Outcomes into the Computer Science Curriculum, accessed March 18, 2019, http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/items/show/81.


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