Software Architecture Document – Architectural Decisions Memo


Software Engineering


Document a project's software architecture and implementation using multiple views.


Douglas Troy



Assignment Duration

Less than a week

Technical Skill

Install and deploy

Workplace Scenario

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the Software Architecture Document (SAD). The audience for this document is other software engineers (not the client). The Software Architecture Document describes the big ideas of the design and implementation of your software. It is written for future software engineers who need to understand the how the system is implemented. For example, next semester a new team might take over your project and will need to understand the rationale behind your design and how the software is organized. Information like this is especially important for products like ours which we hope will be used for many years to come. The SAD is a compilation of “technical” design documents. These can include:
• Text descriptions, such as technical memos, that summarize important design decisions or characteristics
• Design diagrams, such as UML class and sequence diagrams, that describe static and dynamic design of your software

In this memo to your supervisor please document an important architectural decision made in for implementation of your team project. Your supervisor will use this to monitor the quality of the product’s implementation.

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Douglas Troy, “Software Architecture Document – Architectural Decisions Memo,” Incorporating Communication Outcomes into the Computer Science Curriculum, accessed June 17, 2019, http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/items/show/70.


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