Putting It All Together: The Fox, the Chicken, and the Grain


Data Structures


In this game, the objective is for the farmer to get his fox, chicken and grain safely across a river from the south bank to the north bank. this is a simple game where YOU get to pick the appropriate data structure(s)! In this assignment, the objectives are to (1) continue gaining experience researching for a solution to a problem, (2) improve the implementation of proper coding styles and documentation, and (3) effectively present a design in written and speaking (bonus) form.


Bill Eberle


Michael Dawson’s "C++ Projects: Programming With Text-Based Games"


design document, code, comments, pseudo-code, test results, documentation, individual presentations, oral presentations, reflection, tech report, video

Assignment Duration

Two Weeks

Communication Skill

reading, writing, speaking

Technical Skill

implementation, tools, design, linear data structures, program design, comments, documentation, problem solving

Workplace Scenario

Technical Task: When presented with a problem in the real-world, the customer is not going to tell you what algorithm or data structure(s) to use. All they know is the problem. It is your job to decide what is the best way to solve the problem, given all the parameters of the domain.
Professional Setting: Student works for a software company.
Professional Role: Software engineer.
Deliverable: Design document.
Real-world Audience: Team Lead and peers.
How the Audience will USE the students' communication: The Team Lead and peers will use the student's design decisions to do the following: (1) suggest other design choices, and (2) determine the feasibility of the project.

If you cannot present your ideas to management, you will lose their confidence in your abilities. If you cannot effectively present your product and ideas to a customer, you will probably lose their business.

Team Size




Bill Eberle, “Putting It All Together: The Fox, the Chicken, and the Grain,” Incorporating Communication Outcomes into the Computer Science Curriculum, accessed June 18, 2018, http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/items/show/53.


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