Relational Schema Design




This is the second of many milestones associated with the project. You will be using the ER diagram and problem statement you developed in the previous milestone in this assignment. You will refer back to the relational schema developed in this assignment in future milestones to a) Analyze the design for privacy and security issues, b) Design the software system and c) Develop and test the information system. This assignment has the following learning outcomes: ● To learn how to design a Relational Schema and specify entity-integrity and referential integrity constraints given the Entity-Relationship diagram, and the requirements of an information system. ● To learn how to apply the practice of relational schema design in a situation similar to those seen in the industry. ● To learn how to work within a team to resolve conflicts and accommodate varied design choices. This is a team assignment and is ideally done in a team of three to four students.


Sriram Mohan


Data Analysis, ER Diagram, Decisions, Schema

Assignment Duration

One Week

Communication Skill

Reading, Writing, Teaming

Technical Skill

Design, Design Specification, Normalization, Requirements Analysis

Workplace Scenario

As a software engineer you will often be required to design the relational schema for an information systems and specify entity-integrity and referential integrity constraints based on the entity relationship diagram (designed as a part of project milestone 1) and the problem statement (written as a part of project milestone 1). Please note that your relational schema must have the ability to store the required data in an efficient manner without any duplication.

A critical ability while working within a team is to develop an ability to manage conflicts, accommodate different design decisions, and manage conflicting client requirements. This milestone helps you apply these abilities in a real life situation.

Team Size


Additional Information

Students are expected to follow ER to Relational Schema design rules and naming conventions as prescribed in the Course Text and as also covered in the class.



Sriram Mohan, “Relational Schema Design,” Incorporating Communication Outcomes into the Computer Science Curriculum, accessed June 18, 2018, http://cs-comm.lib.muohio.edu/items/show/51.


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